Decision support on the available therapy options by incorporating experience from previous cases and outcomes

Specific interactive tools for quantitatively analysing medical images and fusing different imaging modalities with complementary information

A virtual surgery tool based on a multi-scale physiological model to predict the outcome of breast conservative therapy

A software platform integrating the  heterogeneous data and knowledge bases, the Decision Support System and the analysis and modelling tools, for the coordination and multidisciplinary management of cases in Breast Units

First demo released

DESIREE project is an international initiative for breast cancer study and treatment improvement, which uses the latest available technology to help clinicians in their decision making process. This technology includes advanced clinical decision support systems (based on formalized clinical guidelines, knowledge discovery, and case based reasoning), image-based breast and tumour characterization tools and predictive modeling for 3D breast reconstruction.

Desiree is constituted by 11 participants from 6 countries who gather all the necessary background and expertise to achieve the ambitious objectives of the project.

  • Vicomtech
  • Arivis
  • Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris
  • Bilbomática
  • Eresa
  • Onkologikoa
  • Limics
  • Medical Innovation
  • Sistemas Genómicos
  • Houston Methodist Research Institute
  • Ulster University