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Enabling Informed Decisions in Breast Cancer through Information Technologies Issue #1 September 2016
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Ana Smith  
Ana Smith
Social Media Manager at Bilbomática
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Our Objectives

The DESIREE project sees itself as being ambitious and multidisciplinary. Well, this is not just words and the best way to prove it is by showcasing the full spectrum of our objectives.

Our work is structured around specific goals and our effort is focused on achieving each and every one of them in due course.

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  Our objectives
The Challenge  
The Challenge
Multidisciplinary Breast Units (Bus) were introduced in order to deal efficiently with breast cancer cases, setting guideline-based quality procedures, clinical decisions on cases based on consensus and a high standard of care. Bus consists of a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, including medical oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, radioncologists, pathologists and other profiles that periodically meet to discuss new and ongoing cases in order to take therapeutic decisions.
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Expected Impacts
Innovation within DESIREE will be pursued not only through the consortium's efforts and success in researching and developing new services, but also through demonstration, piloting, proof-of-concept and validation activities operating close to all end-users here mainly BU of reference hospitals and the market.
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  Expected impacts
Conferences and Events  
Conferences & Events

The project research outputs will be discussed and disseminated through several types of conferences and events. In that scope, the DESIREE project made its initial opening to the scientific community, by holding a dedicated Symposium with the title: Multiscale modeling and decision support applied to breast cancer management: DESIREE project. The Symposium was held on May 25th, in the framework of the 6th Annual International Conference in Computational Surgery and Dual Training (COSINE6) in Bordeaux, France.

Later on, DESIREE project was invited to the eHealth Week 2016. We participated with a presentation in the Speakers Corner on 9th June, by the Project Coordinator, Dr Ivan Macia.

We are now active, identifying the next big events that we will choose to present our work.

Multi-channel Communication

We designed a multi-faceted and cross-functional arsenal of tools to help us communicate our cause.

As a matter of fact we like to use the term dissemination more than the – more traditional – one, “communication” in order to encompass the variety of mediums we use in order to communicate our messages to different target-audiences and with different respective approaches.

So during this starting stage of the DESIREE project we employ the following tactics as part of our dissemination strategy…

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  Multi-channel Communication
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