ERESA Medical Group is a company dedicated to Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Oncology -or Radiotherapy- and Nuclear Medicine. With 30 years of experience - it was founded in Valencia (Spain) in 1980 - ERESA is nowadays a leader company in its sector and a prestigious organization in Europe. From its start-up, ERESA´s main objective has been to incorporate the most advanced techniques, to extend their application and to contribute this way to improve the quality of the health assistance provided to patients.


ERESA has internalized the Diagnostic Imaging services, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine in 21 Hospitals of the Public Health care system of Spain, through adjudications of open tenders.

ERESA´s headquarters, based in Valencia (Spain), is a modern centre dedicated to Diagnostic Imaging. With the help of an advanced telecommunications network, this centre is permanently connected with all the Hospitals, allowing sending the studies on-line. This enables to attend the patients of all the hospitals, and to avoid the waiting time for the in-patients, with the highest quality of services. ERESA teleradiology unit has been provided with the best equipment and the best radiologists specialized in informing remote diagnostic exams with the same quality standards.