Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris


Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) is the biggest teaching hospital in Europe, federating 39 different hospitals and groups of hospitals mainly located in Paris and its suburban area. By the way, this is also the largest employer in the Paris region with 90,000 people working for this public institution representing more than 150 different jobs. With more than 19,000 medical staff, 3000 hospital physicians, including 1000 professors and more than 6000 residents and medical students, AP-HP's staff cover all the major medical specialities.

As public health institution, AP-HP pursues 3 main missions: healthcare delivery, medical and paramedical teaching and biomedical and clinical research. AP-HP' teams develop high quality research activities, including European and International Research projects. In particular, AP-HP is involved and/or co-ordinates more than 60 European research projects supported by the Research and Technological Development Research Programme from the European Union

AP-HP is the first cancer care institution in Paris region and France. Cancer care activity is organized into seven “Integrated Centres” built to optimize the management of cancer patient clinical pathways, and 37 “Expert Centres”, which are centres of excellence in a given specialty, among which three Expert Centres are dedicated to breast cancer. AP-HP provides quality care for approximately 2,500 new cancer patients per year.

The European Hospital Georges Pompidou has been labeled "Expert Center" for Breast cancer since 2012. All disciplines of cancer care are available: oncology, radiotherapy, breast cancer surgery, radiology and interventional senology, plastic surgery, oncogenetics, etc. Approximately 450 new cases of breast cancer are treated each year. Dr Charlotte Ngô works in the department of gynecological and breast oncological surgery. She is a surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer. She is the referent of the multidisciplinary consultation meeting on breast oncology.

The Hôpital Saint Louis has also been labeled “Expert center” for Breast Cancer Center in 2012. It’s a comprehensive cancer center with Oncology, Hematology, Oncodermatology, GI cancer, surgery, and radiotherapy etc…The Sénopôle Saint Louis, a breast disease unit, is the first Breast cancer center of APHP with 700-800 new patients with breast cancer treated each year. The Sénopôle Saint Louis is made up by a group of dedicated breast cancer specialists working together as a multidisciplinary team with access to all the facilities required to deliver high quality care. Dr Luis Teixeira works in the Sénopôle Saint Louis. He is a medical oncologist specialized in Breast cancer and in drug development.