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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

We will always have Paris!

DESIREE Communication Team

A few weeks ago, the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the DESIREE project consortium was held at the INSERM – LIMICS laboratory in the Cordeliers campus of Paris 6 University in the beautiful city of Paris. Our impression after this meeting is that many more aspects regarding our developments and challenges in our joint venture are much more clearly and sufficiently understood by everyone.

After two days of close collaboration, more than fifteen hours of productive exchange of views and opinions and hundreds of slides highlighting the job already done and describing the challenges awaiting, we can say with confidence that the DESIREE project is running at full speed. Our modus operandi as established during the past few months had been underlined by the full exploitation of the technological tools available to facilitate the coordination of work done in so different and distant places and working environments of the world.

And the truth is that everything had been – still is – working smoothly thanks to every partners’ commitment to the project, regular tele – and/or video-conferences and a high standard of professional approach and adaptability to new technology. Having said that, we have to admit that nothing can really substitute for the face-to-face communication. Traditional though it may be, live interaction puts work on a totally different, much faster and even potentially more effective basis.

Furthermore we should point out the intangible qualities added to any partnership by the face to face interaction. From coming to know in person the people that you ‘ve been working with from distance, to going out as a group and having a really good time together, all these details help structure the companionship mentality always necessary for efficient teamwork.

So from now-on we have one more sound foundation for the work shared by all of us in the consortium. And this is something that we will always have.

We will always have Paris…

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