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Monday, October 24, 2016

How we communicate

DESIREE Communication Team

Since we have been blogging here for a while it would only be fair to explain the context in which this blog post subscribes. In other words we should try and give a general idea of our communication philosophy and modus operandi.

For all the changes that have taken place in recent years in the communication industry, there is a famous phrase that still holds true and even applies to this modern era of diversified communication in a more accurate way:

“The medium is the message”!

And even though Marshall McLuhan did not live to “enjoy” the perfect application of the phrase he coined, it nevertheless serves a symbolic guiding principle to today’s complicated and ever evolving field of communication.

Having this in mind we designed a multi-faceted and cross-functional arsenal of tools to help us communicate our cause.

As a matter of fact we like to use the term dissemination more than the – more traditional – one, “communication” in order to encompass the variety of mediums we use in order to communicate our messages to different target-audiences and with different respective approaches.

So during this starting stage of the DESIREE project we employ the following tactics as part of our dissemination strategy:

Project Advisory Board – PAB: DESIREE is already putting in place a dedicated Project Advisory Board (PAB) in order to both request input on project direction but also as an effective means of targeted dissemination.

Scientific dissemination: The scientific publications of the project can be classified in two groups: Scientific and Technical papers. The project research outputs will be disseminated through peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals and conferences.

Social media: Obviously we intend to greatly exploit them for project communication purposes to address the general public and targeted audiences, spreading the word and creating expectation about DESIREE contribution. Our first step is our twitter account, already up and running.

Website: The DESIREE public website is one of the key communication and dissemination tools for the project. It serves as a public window, in which the project communicates relevant information about its goals, progress, etc.

Newsletter: A regular DESIREE newsletter is planned, to be issued when key Milestones are reached or whenever there is relevant information to be disseminated, in order to present the progress of the project to the general public. The first issue is underway and you are welcome to subscribe.

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This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programmme under grant agreement No 690238